Wayfinding Project

In 2010 Derbyshire County Council produced a schematic ‘Underground’ style map of the proposed Chesterfield Cycle Network. The idea was that each route would be signed with blue stickers (similar to the National Cycle Routes) and have direction arrows and colour bars to show each route. It was agreed by DCC that we could put the signs up.

Only the green route (Hipper Valley Trail) was signed and most of the signs are still in place. It was felt at the time that because so little of the network was in place it was not worth just signing parts of routes.



With our involvement in the A61 Growth Project the idea of a way finding project was raised again. This time thoughts moved on to the Dutch ‘Point’ system:

In the Netherlands the whole country has numbered ‘points’ where cycle routes meet. There are online and paper maps available showing local areas. The idea being that you simply write down a series of numbers for your intended route. Numbers are 1 – 99. At each point there are direction signs to adjacent points. As long as the same number doesn’t appear too close to another the system is infinitely expandable and the numbers can be allocated randomly.

DCC have appointed AECOM in Manchester to devise a scheme for Chesterfield which could ultimately be expanded across Derbyshire. We had an initial meeting in June 2019 to look at various proposals and we await AECOM’s response.