Happy New Year

Hopefully we can look forward to some new cycling infrastructure to enhance the Chesterfield network in 2021.

Work has started on the shared path from Peak Resort to Dronfield and whilst it isn’t the most ambitious scheme it will provide a more or less traffic free route that will benefit families. The scheme linking the underpasses at Whittington Moor Roundabout to Peak Resort is virtually complete.

The big project for 2021 is of course the planned east – west cycle route between the Royal Hospital and Brookside, look out for the public consultation starting in January and we hope you can comment and support it. We also hope that the new cycle way finding/signage project will be rolled out by DCC.

This year has seen a big increase in the number of people cycling both locally and nationally. We want to get the word out about our Campaign so we have a new flyer being printed shortly and later this year we will need to publish a revised Chesterfield Cycle Map.

We have ordered another public bike pump which we plan to install outside the cafe at Pleasley Pit. Also ordered is a Sheffield stand which we are donating to the Friends of Spital Cemetery.