Help us identify cycle route maintenance issues

We at Cycle Chesterfield are reaching out to the community to help identify and report maintenance issues on our local cycle routes. As you may know, many of Derbyshire’s roads are in poor condition, with potholes and faded road markings causing inconvenience and frustration for all road users. For cyclists, these issues can be particularly dangerous and may discourage both new and experienced cyclists from using these routes.

Our local cycling network, including on-road, off-road, and shared routes, is suffering from neglect and lack of maintenance. This year, Cycle Chesterfield needs your assistance in pinpointing neglected routes around Chesterfield. Whether it’s faded paint markings, damaged surfaces, or overgrown vegetation, we urge you, our members, to speak up and request improvements.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Report the Issue: Most of our roads and cycle paths are maintained by Derbyshire County Council. Use this link to report a fault: Report a road fault or ask about a road issue – Derbyshire County Council. Select either “Road condition” or “Pavements and Cycleways” to report the issue.
  2. Inform Us: Let us know if you’ve made a report. Email us at with details of the location and a description of the fault. If possible, include a photograph.

By informing us, we can monitor key areas in and around Chesterfield and, if necessary, contact the council directly to request updates. We will share any updates on our website to keep the community informed.

Chesterfield has seen significant improvements in cycling infrastructure in recent years, such as the station link and the East West route. These new routes have provided safe and convenient cycling opportunities across Chesterfield. Our goal is to continue advocating for new cycle routes and the maintenance of existing ones to ensure they remain safe and enjoyable for all.

Thank you for your support in making Chesterfield a better place for cyclists!