Campaign Events

Listed below are Campaign events and other local events with Campaign involvement.

The Campaign’s business is conducted at our monthly meetings which are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm in the Chesterfield Community Centre off South Place, Chesterfield. These are formal meetings run to an agenda.


May 6th – Campaign stall New Square

May 14th – Campaign meeting

June 1st – Dr Bike

June 11th – Campaign meeting

June 16th – Ben Vernon Charity Ride

July 6th – Dr Bike

July 9th – Campaign Meeting

August 2nd – Friday Night Ride and social meeting

August 3rd – Dr Bike

September 6th – Friday Night Ride

September 7th – Dr Bike

September 10th – Campaign meeting

September 28th – Cycle in Style ride

October 5th – Dr Bike

October 8th – Campaign meeting

November 12th – Campaign AGM

December 10th – Campaign Christmas social