Smaller Developments

Walton Works Site

Artists impression

There have been a number of planning applications over recent years for this site, the latest included retail and flats in the old mill, new housing and a small supermarket. The site is difficult because of the cost of refurbishing the mill (listed) and now the new Lidl has been built opposite we suspect the viability of the scheme is a problem.

New Lidl on Chatsworth Road

The plans when considered by the planning committee were poor for cycling infrastructure despite our Campaign’s objection. After the planning meeting we spoke to representatives from Lidl who asked us to submit our ideas directly to them which we did and they revised their plans to include our suggestions!

There are cycle parking stands at the side of the store accessed directly from the shared path and also more stands at the front of the store.

New Care Home on the car park at the top of Goldwell Hill

Plans submitted for a 71 bed care home, includes cycle parking adjacent to the main entrance.

This is in addition to the previous application for a site adjacent which blocked off access to Inspire Community Garden.

Campaign response to the application.

Housing development Sheepbridge Fields

A missed opportunity to create a new cycle route clear of Newbold Road but there is a new cycle route from Newbold Road to Newbold Back Lane. After a lot of wrangling between the developer and CBC planners finally a ramp rather than steps has been built down to Newbold Back Lane.

Housing development of Sainsburys Roundabout

This development has been in the planning stage for many years and should have included a footbridge over the canal. We had agreed that due to space restrictions a ramp wasn’t possible so there would have been wheel ‘gutters’. However due to various reasons that bridge will not now be built! The only access is from the roundabout along a shared path, not ideal going in or out. An example of very poor sustainable transport connectivity.

Innovation Centre on ‘Donut’ & Elder Way

Plans for the new Innovation Centre include cycle parking. Work should start soon on enhancing the public realm on Elder Way outside the Premier Inn converted from the old Co-op, but we think there has been a missed opportunity to create a contraflow cycle lane on Elder Way and conversion of the existing pedestrian crossings to Toucans.

Cycle Parking

Cycle parking installed at a Co-op after we Tweeted they were missing

We sometimes have to ask the planning department to include cycle parking or more commonly developers ‘forget’ to install it. There have been numerous examples of this including Matalan (never installed), Majestic Wine, Lidl, Nando’s and the Co-op. We find that using Twitter is a good way of getting companies ‘shamed’. Town centre cycle parking often gets damaged by vehicles too.