Chesterfield Cycle Campaign is now Cycle Chesterfield

Exciting News for cyclists in Chesterfield: Chesterfield Cycle Campaign is now Cycle Chesterfield!

Chesterfield Cycle Campaign have been working tirelessly to make the town and surrounding areas a safer and more accessible place for cyclists for years, campaigning for better infrastructure and promoting cycling as a mode of transportation. But, as the years have gone on, the group has expanded beyond just campaigning. Our members also offer guided rides and popular bike repair workshops “Dr Bike”, as well as publishing a range of local information, all helping to build a vibrant cycling community in Chesterfield.

That’s why we have decided to rebrand as Cycle Chesterfield. The new name better reflects the full range of activities the group carries out and highlights our commitment to promoting cycling as a way of life in Chesterfield. But, we know that any change can be met with skepticism and doubt, so we’re here to reassure you that this is an exciting and positive change for the group.

First and foremost, the name change doesn’t mean that Cycle Chesterfield is abandoning our campaigning efforts. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! We will continue to work with local authorities and other organisations to promote cycling and improve infrastructure for cyclists. Cycle Chesterfield will continue to push for the creation of safer, more accessible routes and facilities for cyclists in and around Chesterfield.

Guided rides and bike repair provide opportunities for cyclists of all levels to learn new skills and connect with other riders in the community. From beginner rides to bike repair, and newsletters, Cycle Chesterfield’s activities are designed to promote cycling as a fun, healthy, and sustainable mode of transportation.

So, if you’re a cyclist in Chesterfield, we encourage you to join Cycle Chesterfield. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just getting started, there’s a place for you in the group. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in guided rides, attend workshops, and help shape the future of cycling in Chesterfield, or you can rest at ease knowing that just by being a member of Cycle Chesterfield you are lending more weight to our advocacy.

In conclusion, the name change to Cycle Chesterfield is a positive development for the group and the cycling community in Chesterfield. It better reflects the full range of activities carried out and highlights our commitment to promoting cycling as a way of life in the town. So, hop on your bike and join Cycle Chesterfield for a ride!

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