Summer Rides with Cycle Chesterfield

As the energy of the Chesterfield Cycling Festival still lingers in the air, we’re thrilled to announce an exciting lineup of summer rides! Cycle Chesterfield invites you to join us for a series of bike rides, exploring the beautiful landscapes and rich heritage of our beloved town. Whether you relish the hills or prefer a leisurely ride looking at art, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Event Schedule

  1. Friday Evening Explorer on Friday 14th of July
    Discover Hasland and Brimington on this exploration ride. There’s a mixture of hills and tracks, but all cycled at an easy pace.
  2. Trans-Pennine Trail Loop on Saturday 29th of July
    Embark on a picturesque journey along the Trans-Pennine Trail, following the tranquil canal paths before venturing through Westwood’s hills.
  3. Friday Night Ride: Avenue Works on Friday 4th of August
    Experience the local infrastructure and wide gravel tracks on this relaxed-paced ride to the Avenue Country park
  4. Holymoorside & Brampton Brewery on Saturday 12th of August
    Explore quiet roads, challenging hills, and picturesque tracks on this moderate paced ride which ends with an opportunity for a refreshing drink at the brewery.
  5. Art Ride Part 2 on Saturday 19th of August
    Discover the fascinating world of local public art as we venture along Chesterfield’s bike tracks and quiet roads. Immerse yourself in the artistic beauty of our town while enjoying a leisurely ride.
  6. Friday Night Ride: Infrastructure Ride on 1st of September 1st
    Learn about the campaigning efforts and infrastructure development required for creating cycling-friendly routes. Gain insights into the standards and best practices while enjoying an engaging ride.

Mark your calendars, bring your friends and family, and embark on these exciting rides that showcase the best of Chesterfield’s cycling.

All rides are organised and led by volunteers at no cost to riders but we would appreciate it if you’d become a member of Cycle Chesterfield.

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